A Liquid Texas Legend
A teal banner with an image of the Original Ranch Water pre-made cocktail can. The can is turquoise with blue and gold details. The label says "A premium tequila seltzer" at the top. Below that, there is an image of a cowboy on a horse with a rope on a desert backdrop. Below the logo, the label says: "Ranch Water, with only reposado tequila, sparkling water, and real lime." Next to the can, text says: “The First Real Ranch Water in a can!”
Ranch water is a classic Texan cocktail. No, it does not involve ranch dressing of any kind. 3 simple ingredients make up this refreshing libation that has been cooling off cowboys (and city slickers alike) for years: Tequila, sparkling water, and lime. Sound appetizing? We have just the can for you. What’s so special about Ranch Rider’s ranch water?
  1. We were the first to put real Ranch water in a can!
  2. We use premium reposado tequila in our ranch water - not malt-based liquor like some of the other canned ranch waters and seltzers on the market.
  3. We use only fresh-squeezed lime. No fake juice or from-concentrate here.
  4. We use ZERO added sugar or any other bullshit. Yes, that includes agave syrup. We’re the simplest, purest canned ranch water on the market.
  5. We were born and raised in Austin, Texas, and we’re canned right here in our backyard, too. We’re an independent, employee-owned company… not owned by one of the big guys. 



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